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Home Improvement Tools – Are You Equipped With the Right Tools to Take Care of Your Home?

You can add value to your property by undertaking extensive home improvement projects which include getting your house re-painted, renovating bathrooms, revising design of your kitchen and construction of terraces and balconies. Even after completion of these projects, you would require a number of home improvement tools to maintain your house.From trivial repairs to major overhauling, a number of maintenance challenges will come your way as a home owner, but if you have all the gear in the bag, you can afford to relax. If you are planning to buy some home improvement tools, you better read a brief description of what type of equipment you may require.Cutting:Cutting tools are meant to cut different types of materials and need to be manufactured with strong materials. Cutting tools form an essential part of your home improvement tools kit. A utility knife is perhaps the most popular cutting tool as it can cut a number of materials such as paper, wood, plastic and metals in half. The fact that it is easy to handle makes it an essential tool for your home improvement projects. Another useful tool is a hacksaw, which can be useful in cutting wood, bones and hard materials. It consists of a saw with delicate yet very sharp teeth and a blade framed in metal. A tile-cutter tool can also be of your utility if you have plans of changing design of your bathrooms. This tool helps shape ceramic tools in whatever way you like and is a necessity when it comes to bathroom improvement projects.

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Garden:A house with a beautiful lawn looks very attractive, but it takes a number of garden tools to maintain a lawn. Garden tools serve the purpose of planting, cutting grass and other related agricultural works. You will find garden tools in two types, namely, manual tools and power run tools. As part of your home improvement tools kit, you should buy garden tools such as a lawn mower, a spade, a garden hoe, a garden fork and a rake.Moving:Moving heavy objects around is often a troublesome stage in home improvement projects. For a smooth sailing during this particular stage, you would require moving tools which are designed to move objects. Some common moving tools include a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers and a wrench. A furniture dolly can be very handy to move heavy objects like boxes and furniture as you can place the object on its flat wooden surface and wheel the dolly to transport the object. Another very useful tool is a stair-roller that helps move objects up or down the stairs.Transforming:Large-scale home improvements often require the services of transforming tools. Common transforming tools include blow-torch and chemical sprays with solvent properties. While a blow-torch is used to bend and shape metals by producing extreme heat, chemical sprays change objects through chemical reactions.Measurement:Home improvement projects include accurate measurements which are impossible to take unless you use measurement tools. The most popular measurement tool is tape measure that comes in various materials such as cloth, optical fiber, plastic and metal. With the help of this useful tool you can make sure that windows and doors have accurate and equal dimensions. A few other measurement tools that you may be interested to include in your home improvement tools are rulers, calipers, squares, a theodolite and spirit level.Shaping:When it comes to giving final touches to an object during home improvement, you will require shaping tools.These tools are used to give shapes to objects such as wood and other materials. Chisels, trowels, moulds, sanders and jigs are some common shaping tools that you may need in your tool kit.

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Fastening:Unlike the cutting tools, fastening tools are used to join objects. With the help of specialized tools such as rivet guns, glue guns, wire tackers and staple guns you can join two objects, irrespective of whether they are made of the same material or not.Power Tools:Power tools are power-driven with the help of electric motors, air motors or combustion engines which are inwardly operative. Home improvement on a large-scale requires a number of works to be done with the help of power tools. Common power tools are drills, electric sanders and lathe. There are broadly two kinds of power tools, namely, static and mobile tools.After finding out about the most frequently used home improvement tools, you are in a better position to buy the best equipment that can take care of your home maintenance. A good way to go about shopping for home improvement tools will be to go online.

Feng Shui Home Decorating – The Right Way to Use Furniture and Home Decor

There are many aspects of feng shui home decorating, all of which are important to create better movement of the ‘qi’ or energy in your home. This energy which is often referred to as a ‘life force’ can easily become stagnant within a home and have a negative impact on the residents. A simple way to solve this problem is to redecorate the home in a way that will tackle the bad energy and promote the ‘qi’ to flow freely. There are many effective ways of decorating that will have a positive influence, finding the right combination is key.The first way to tackle the bad ‘qi’ is to tackle the clutter. Most of us accumulate way too much junk and are not willing to let go of anything, resulting in a home that is filled with clutter. A home that is full of clutter is a reflection of a life that is cluttered as well. Getting rid of unnecessary objects in your home is a very important first step, it is also sometimes the hardest. Go through each room of your house and sort through everything you have. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want. There might be some things that you might not want to part with, but don’t necessarily belong in that particular room, simply put them in storage somewhere.

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Next, you will have to depend on the bagua to map out areas of individual rooms or your entire home and locate the corners that pertain to the different aspects of your life. As soon as you figure this out, decide on the areas of your life that you would like to improve and use home decorations to make that happen. You can use colors related to the area of your life that needs improving in the specified corner or throughout the home. Furniture is often the thing that gets in the way of free flowing ‘qi’, if this is the case with the furniture in your rooms, simply rearrange them according to feng shui guidelines.There are specific feng shui tools that can be used to cure problem areas within a home. These tools include crystals, water fountains, wind chimes and mirrors. Some are used for protection while others are used for tackling bad and activating good ‘qi’. All of these tools are powerful enough to handle any kind of negative energy. If you don’t like the look of these specific tools, you can just use regular home decor items instead. Simply choose objects that are applicable in the different areas mapped out on the bagua throughout the home.

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There are many things that can be done to optimize the areas related to each section of the bagua. If you are looking to attract love or improve your relationship, work on the love corner of your bedroom or of your house. Add more pink to that area, display decor that comes in pairs or put up images that makes you think of love. If you are looking to improve your finances, activate the ‘qi’ in your wealth corner by adding more purple and water related objects. Try these and other feng shui home decorating tips out for yourself.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Craigslist to Buy Home Furniture

Are you looking for good deals on home furniture? If so, you should visit the online classified website Craigslist.org. You will find lots of good deals, but what should or shouldn’t you do when shopping?DO use a Craigslist search machine. These are desktop applications that you download and install on your computer. They make searching Craigslist easy. Not only can you search multiple categories at once, but multiple locations too. You can choose from statewide, nationwide, and multi-city searching. Since home furniture is pretty large, your best bet is to search nearby communities that you can drive too. Still, a Craigslist search machine allows you to perform one search for all locations you choose, unlike Craigslist.org.

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DON’T rush to make a buying decision, but also don’t wait too longer either. Over the years, Craigslist has skyrocketed in popularity. Good deals on the website don’t last long. Since you want to get a good deal on an item, like a used couch, make your decision quickly. If you wait even just an extra day, someone else may come along and snatch up the good deal.DO search for home furniture daily. As previously stated, Craigslist.org has increased in popularity over the years. For that reason, more people turn to it to sell their unwanted goods and to make extra money. They do so often. Each day, a new seller may upload a home furniture item, like a bed, dresser, or entire bedroom set. As mentioned above, good deals don’t last long. Not only do you want to act quickly when you find something that you like, but you also want to search the website often. Do this whether you search directly from Craigslist.org or if you use a Craigslist search machine.

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DON’T forget to ask the seller questions. If you need a cheap coach or another piece of home furniture, you may get excited when you see a nice looking item posted on the website with a cheap price. First, it is important to make sure the item is really worth it. A used couch for $15 sounds nice, but not if that used couch as been sitting outside in the rain for the last week. It is also important to inquire about stains and other types of wear and tear. To get the best deal on home furniture, you must ensure that you are getting a quality item. Unfortunately, pictures and seller descriptions can be deceiving.

Furniture Painting DIY – How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home

With usage, paint of wooden furniture becomes fad and furniture looks old and worn. In fact the wood structure of furniture remains intact for many years, it only needs a re-painting process to look like new. Painting home furniture is not a difficult process and you can do it yourself by adhering the following suggestions.Tools and Materials Needed For Job


Foam Roller

Sand Paper

Wood filler (Putty)

Wood Filler Knife



Lacquer or Sealant (optional)

Face mask


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Preparing the Home Furniture for Painting ProcessSelect a well ventilated place and use cloth or plastic sheets to place furniture over it. Clean the furniture and fill the pitted, uneven and scratched areas with wood filler. Apply wood filler and wipe off excessive with a filler knife. Also use wood filler in joints for firm attachment. When wood filler is dried, use sand paper to get smoother surfaces. Now clean the furniture well with a liquid and then with a lint free cloth.Using Paint-Primer Before PaintingPrimer is useful to make the coat of paint to adhere evenly to the wood as well as to get the paint long-lasting. Without primer, paint peel off after few months or a year. Use paint brush on corners and edges and roller on flat surfaces to apply the primer. Don’t worry for the even application of primer, it will be fixed in next steps. When primer has dried, sand it with a fine grit sand paper and then clean the sawdust.Painting the Home FurnitureNow furniture is ready for applying the paint. Use foam roller on flat surfaces and then paint brush on uneven surfaces and where the roller could not reach. Use paint conditioner to slow down the drying edge of the paint. It helps to make the paint coat more even. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and let it dry.

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Sealant or LacquerAlthough you are done, but for a shiny look, you may like to use paint-sealant at this final stage. It protect the furniture from scratches and add a gloss over it. Again, let the lacquer to dry well before moving the furniture.Safety PrecautionsFor personal safety, use good quality face mask to prevent the harmful effects of fumes of paint-chemicals. Carry out all this painting in a well ventilated and illuminated place. Use gloves and full cloths to protect the skin from toxic chemical effects.

Home Inspection Tools: What You’ll Need For Your Home Inspection Business

So you’ve completed home inspection training and finished all your certifications. Now it’s time to go shopping. There’s always been a debate over what you should or should not inspect and what kinds of tools you should use or not use in the field. This guide isn’t meant to tell you what you should or should not inspect, but rather give you a list of the most common tools that home inspectors use and let you decide for yourself. Here is a general list of home inspection tools that many inspectors own:Tool belt and carry bag: A large carry bag will carry all your bigger items and accessories. A tool belt is usually used to carry a flash light and smaller items such as electrical testers and screwdrivers.Flashlights: Most inspectors have at least two or three flashlights. A very handy light is a head light that is used hands free for attics and crawl spaces. You’ll also need a large spot light type in case there are areas you can’t get to. A small pocket light is also convenient to carry in your front pocket for quick access.Screw drivers: Screw drivers are used for various tasks. You never want to be without a variety of them.Shoe covers: Keeping a fresh supply of shoe covers will keep home owners and realtors happy. The cheap thin plastic blue ones work just fine and will keep you from tracking dirt and mud all over the house. These can be purchased in bulk from most tool supply companies.Inspection Mirror: A telescoping inspection mirror will help you inspect those hard to reach areas. Typical sizes are 1 ½” round mirrors and 2″ x 3″ rectangular.Measuring tape: Tape measures are used for different measurements such as room size and window height. Many times the home buyer will need one to measure for furniture so it’s always nice to lend them yours if they don’t have one.

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Electrical GFCI outlet tester: A GFCI tester is used to test the proper function of GFCI outlets and will also detect non grounded outlets, switched wires, and a few other things. The cost of an inexpensive model is around $12-$20. You can also purchase the more expensive digital testers that have more features and capabilities. These can cost up to a few hundred dollars.Ladders: Most inspectors carry at least one extendable ladder and one step ladder. The little giant series makes a great product but make sure to get the non-conductive type. Aluminum ladders don’t go well with power lines. There is also a ladder called Xtend and Climb which seems to be fairly popular.Binoculars: Some inspectors walk on the roof and some don’t, it’s a personal choice. If you do decide to walk on the roof there may still be times when it’s unsafe to climb on the roof. It’s always nice to have a good set of binoculars in case you need to inspect from your ladder.Digital camera: A good digital camera is a must have these days. Clients expect to see color photos of any discrepancies that you find. A decent quality camera will make it much easier to focus in low light areas and get you a clear shot the first time around. You can find good quality used cameras on eBay for around $100-$200.Combustible Gas Detector and carbon monoxide tester: These are used for checking gas leaks and carbon monoxide. You can purchase these separately or buy an all in one tool that will check both.Voltage Detector: A good voltage tester can save your life. Instead of using the back of your hand to test for voltage, pick up a voltage detector for panel covers and rogue wires.Probe (a sharpened Phillips screwdriver works well): A probe is a good tool to use to check for termite damage and dry rot.Thermometer: A good thermometer will help you check the outside temperature and also test the AC system. There are several different options available, including infrared versions that can test temperatures from several feet away.Moisture Meter: If you see a stain it’s a good idea to test it with a moisture meter to see if it’s active. There are also models that have longer probes. These are great for inserting into the walls to check for exterior leaks. If you’re testing for EIFS this is a must have.Extra batteries and light bulbs: It’s always good to keep a supply of extra batteries and light bulbs on hand.A computer and home inspection software: Hand written reports are becoming obsolete. Providing your clients with a typed report that includes color photos will ensure that you’re running a professional business. Inspectors usually use one of the following three reporting methods:1. Take hand written notes on a clipboard on site, then complete the report on a desktop computer when they get back to the office.2. Bring a laptop to the inspection and put it in a central area such as the kitchen counter. Then inspect one section and fill it out on the computer before moving to the next. 3. Take a tablet touch screen and fill out the report while inspecting the home.Coveralls: To keep your clothes from getting dirty in the crawl space and attic, it’s a good idea to invest in a set of coveralls or disposable paint suits.Leather gloves: When you’re crawling around under a home it’s important to protect your hands. You might encounter spiders, snakes, sharp objects, or just plain nastiness, so a good set of gloves is a must have.

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Protective Face masks: You never know when the insulation in an attic might contain asbestos. There can also be harmful mold spores if you’re sensitive to mold. A good safety mask can help protect you in these situations.Pen and notebooks: Always carry a pen and notepad with you. If your computer crashes or your forgot to charge your battery the night before, you’ll be glad you did. It’s also a good idea to carry a backup printed copy of your inspection checklist in your vehicle.Power screwdriver or power drill: These are great for removing crawl space access covers and electrical panel covers.Thick rubber shoe covers: These are made of thick rubber and slipped on over your shoes. They snap in place so they won’t fall off. Unlike the thin covers used to walk inside the home, these are made of thick rubber and will keep your shoes from getting scratched and muddy in the crawl space. They can usually be found at farm supply stores.Here are a few other tools to consider:Knee pads
Humidity tester
See snake camera
Septic Die test tablets for checking for water leaks and faulty septic systems.This list of home inspection tools will hopefully give you a good idea of where to start. There are several companies online that specialize in selling home inspection tools. First, you could try searching in Google and visit some of the major inspection tool distributors. eBay is also a great place to pick up good quality new and used tools, usually at a reduced price. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions below and I’ll update the list if there’s something I missed.